AppManager functions


All Sorted

Advanced filters 

Create custom filters to facilitate searching through your candidate database.


Reports Retrieve data about your recruitments and analyze progress with your team. 

Boolean search 

Search for the best candidates in your database and on LinkedIn using Boolean search. 

Mailing automation

AppManager sends meeting invitations, application forms, emails, and requests for consent under GDPR.


Tag candidates and share your database with the team. 


Build your database of clients and candidates. 

LinkedIn plugin

Quickly add new candidates from LinkedIn to your talent pool. 

Recruiter’s dashboard 

Keep track of recruitment progresses, scheduled tasks, meetings, and the latest actions of your team members in real-time. 


In the clipboard, you can save candidates based on their various attributes. 

Career page generator

Create your "Career" page and showcase your company.

Two language versions 

You can use AppManager in both Polish and English versions. 

Application form customization

Create your own application forms tailored to specific processes.


Save relevant evaluations about candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. 

Calendar synchronization

Integrate AppManager with Gmail or Outlook calendar. 


Connect AppManager with your favourite tools. 

Integration with job portals

AppManager is integrated with portals such as OLX, Careers in Finance, and Careers in Poland. 

Clients database

Save information about your clients in one place. 

Contacts database

Collect information about client representatives in one place.

Sales status 

Stay updated on the progress of your sales in real-time. 


You don't have to worry about GDPR. AppManager ensures that all consents are up to date. 

Recruitment agencies & HR departments

When building AppManager, we collaborated with recruitment agencies - we still listen to our clients, creating new solutions and adding advanced options. We know what characterizes the specifics of a consultant's work in a recruitment agency and we strive to adapt the system to the expectations of agency clients. 

AppManager also works great for recruiters working in HR departments. They can also use advanced features created with agencies. This is definitely an interesting addition that sets AppManager apart from other ATS systems on the market. 


AppManager enables the automation of emails sent to candidates. With just one click, you can set up invitations for meetings on Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the automation of actions, you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously without worrying that something will go wrong. AppManager will also organize and take care of GDPR-related matters for you (setting data retention periods, anonymizing candidates). 

Job offer multiposting  

You can choose the places where you want to publish your job postings. With so many options available, you can add an unlimited number of recruitment media and quickly send them emails. 

AppManager will monitor which platforms attract the most attention to your job postings and present the results in the form of the effectiveness report. 


Each stage of recruitment has its own rules, so it's worth ensuring that the emails sent to candidates are personalized. You can prepare your own templates and adapt them to a specific recruitment project. Thanks to this, you can easily ensure that the candidate has only positive experiences with the recruitment process!  

Recruitment management 

With AppManager, you can conduct end-to-end recruitment in one place - from the moment of adding a job posting to hiring. Each subsequent stage is documented, and you can easily track changes and progress in the process.

Recrutation process

  • Recruitment project management
  • Flexible project and candidate feature management
  • Workflows - candidate flow through statuses/stages in the project
  • Automation of tasks (e.g. candidate communication)
  • Scheduling meetings, calendar synchronization, automatic generation of links to online meetings
  • Adding notes and files, tagging and rating candidates
  • Quickly assigning candidates to other projects
  • Possibility of collaboration with clients on the project
  • History of contact with the candidate available in one place.
  • Candidate talent pools - a place where you can save candidates from a specific category or possessing a trait that is valuable in 
a particular recruitment process, e.g. people with business experience in the US market or good Java programmers
  • Assigning employer to the candidate and marking candidates 
as off-limits
  • Automation of tasks related to GDPR (setting data retention period, anonymization of candidates)
  • Employee referral program: you will know who and when recommended a candidate to your organization. This function allows you to collect recommendations from people outside 
the organization as well.

i raportowanie

DSC Planowanie i raportowanie


AppManager offers the ability to search for candidates through boolean search within the application. Explore LinkedIn databases within our system and add top candidates with the LinkedIn plug-in. 


  • Recruitment ad publishing 

  • Flexible creation of application forms 

  • List of ads on the domain or integration with your own website 

  • Cooperation with recruitment services 

  • Candidate database from all processes with the ability to search by boolean search (based on candidate characteristics and in the content of files) 

  • Quickly add candidates from LinkedIn (Google Chrome plug-in) 

  • Obtaining consent from candidates added to the system through direct search actions 

  • Spontaneous application module 

  • Employee and non-employee recommendation module. 


  • Customer and Contact Database 

  • Flexible management of customer attributes 

  • Assigning customers to projects 

  • Customer status labeling 

  • Adding notes and files 

  • CRM - Customer and Contact Database, where you can check customer data, related history, and what projects are being conducted for them. 


We ensure confidentiality of information. The AppManager system complies with GDPR requirements. 

Information Security 

  • We operate in accordance with ISO27001 - we have a set of good practices that support the processing and protection of internal information resources. 

  • We use proven frameworks and implement good practices. 

  • We identify threats, vulnerabilities, and their impact. We analyze the risk and make appropriate decisions regarding how to deal with it. 

  • We monitor and verify the continuity of the system's operation, which results in new ideas and modifications arising from observations. 

  • We conduct periodic penetration tests and implement corrections. 

  • We have protection against unauthorized access (dependent on roles and permissions, compliant with password policies, based on data encryption, 2FA authorization, and secure communication). 

  • To ensure complete protection of your data, we have disaster recovery strategies (technical backups in 3 data centers, located in different locations in Europe). 

  • We focus on knowledge and education in the area of security for our employees and system users. 


We support the acquisition and processing of information about candidates in projects in which they participate based on the collected consents for